Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood has been used for making buildings and structures ever since the 18th century.

Reclaimed wood sustainable refers to the wood that is recycled and reused to meet the ever-growing need of today’s eco-friendly homes and businesses.

Aspen and Ash demonstrates the use of reclaimed wood in current projects, where the materials have been sourced from the Royal Eye Infirmary in Plymouth, circa 1890, as well as Smurfit Kappa, in Essex.

This type of wood is a stylish and popular choice preferred for decorating and enhancing all types of modern homes and commercial premises.

Usually, any species of wood can be reclaimed, however some of the most common types are Douglas Fir, Redwood and Oak.

Reclaimed wood not only lends a beautiful rustic look to your traditional or modern building but also has a very evident ecological benefit.

At Aspen and Ash, we offer you beautifully designed Dinesen style Douglas Fir that is reclaimed from a large warehouse which is due for development.

Keeping in mind the environmental impact of mass forestation worldwide, we have increased our awareness of how reclaimed wood can be used to help protect our diminishing natural resources.

We seek out reclaimed timber wherever possible. Check out our reclaimed wood floorboards for sale for more information.

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