Real Wood Flooring

Real wood floors are also known as engineered wood floors.

Engineered wood is made of layers of both plywood and hardwood, unlike solid hardwood that is made of only a solid piece of wood.

So, why go with an engineered wood floor?

The look of an engineered wood floor is very similar to that of a solid hardwood floor, however, the construction of multi -layered wood prevents engineered hardwood from warping and bowing like standard hardwood might in moist conditions. As it’s made of two different layers, it offers an extra level of stability. The biggest advantage of this type of flooring is it can be installed on top of a variety of subfloors, such as concrete, and will not be affected by underfloor heating.

At Aspen and Ash, we sustainably source these top layer hardwoods locally to reduce transportation emissions and preserve heavily felled areas, which in turn are resulting in disrupted habitats.

Sourcing our wood locally also reduces costs substantially, meaning we are able to offer you the best quality handcrafted real wood flooring in the UK at the most affordable price.

For more information contact Aspen and Ash on to check out some of our flooring options, offering a great way to elevate the overall look of a room with a timeless touch.

engineered wood flooring