Pitch Pine Flooring

Considering the different types of flooring options available, wood is still the most popular and aesthetically pleasing.

Amongst all varieties of wood, pine wood flooring is a strong contender in terms of its beauty.

This is a type of softwood that has been used for making floorboards for centuries.

It’s a common feature you will come across in most old homes across Britain.

Aspen and Ash works with pitch pine, as it’s more visually impactful than standard pine. Pitch pine also has harder wood between its resinous lines which in turn offers more stability and durability.

Initially, pitch pine is light brown in colour and turns slightly darker over time. The colour and overall getup of the wood offers wooden floors a gaudy appearance.

Our Handmade Pine Wooden Flooring

Our pitch pine flooring is handmade, reflecting ultimate precision and passion that brings about natural aesthetics and authenticity that can’t be found in mass produced flooring.

In order to gain a better understanding of our quality pitch pine flooring please contact us to discuss your project, or visit our retail showroom, the address is available on our website https://www.aspenandash.co.uk/#contact

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