Douglas Fir Flooring

Douglas Fir is a highly durable hardwood option for flooring.

This type of flooring is very elastic which means that it can be manipulated into a design of your choice, unlike many of the other more brittle hardwoods.

Douglas Fir is a firm choice of quality flooring, when compared with other flooring options.

Aspen and Ash is a respected Cornish joinery company, with more than 40 years of flooring experience. The company deals in exclusive high-quality Douglas Fir flooring across the UK, having completed many installations. Aspen and Ash is renowned for dealing in 120-year old reclaimed Douglas Fir that is highly durable and has evidently stood the test of time.

The company uses contemporary machinery alongside traditional methods, enhanced by our expert knowledge. Aspen and Ash is well-known across Cornwall, and the UK, for creating some of the highest quality custom-designed fine flooring and worktops available.

Easy to Install Douglas Fir flooring

Our Douglas Fir flooring features top quality wide board that is easy to install, with a superb finish with layers of lacquer. This reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring is well-suited for today’s modern day living. So, please get in touch for a flooring option that reflects ultimate passion and exactitude and can lend exceptional warmth and stability inside your home.

Douglas fir flooring