We’ve just taken charge of this prime 250-year-old Witch Elm tree to our workshop for machining and processing.

At Aspen & Ash, we never cut trees down for flooring. All the trees we take have fallen, been felled as they are dangerous or removed for regeneration of new trees.

We get offered trees for flooring at Aspen and Ash; we would rather see prime wood used in this way than be used for firewood.

This Witch Elm was taken near Trelissick Gardens and weighs around five tons, moving it from its location will take considerable planning and care. A tree of this size will make around 200 square metres of specialist, and highly sought-after, flooring.

Witch Elm is one of our favourite woods at Aspen and Ash. It’s a beautiful timber, with a reddish-brown texture and streaks of green due to the mineral pulling common with this species of tree.

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