Natural oak flooring

We’re off to a flying start at Aspen and Ash in 2017, a lot of people obviously thought about making their home warmer with a new natural oak flooring over the festive period.

We’ve been busy installing oak flooring in properties across Cornwall.

Here is a hallway that we fitted in Truro and a front room in St Agnes, both with engineered flooring

Oak flooring is robust, durable and, above all, looks stunning in any environment.

Aspen & Ash’s oak flooring comes from the famous Tregothnan Estate, in Truro. Tregothnan is one of the largest estates in the UK with a dedicated sustainable forestry management programme, and produces the UK’s only tea.

All natural oak flooring from Aspen & Ash is sustainably managed.

Also Douglas Fir

Nothing gives a warmer welcome into a home than the rich tapestry of bespoke engineered or reclaimed flooring.

To this ends, Aspen and Ash, of Redruth, has secured exclusive access to sustainably-felled English oak from the world-famous Tregothnan Estate.

This limited run of elegant flooring adds natural beauty to any property.

Aside from freshly-sawn Tregothnan oak, Aspen and Ash has also accessed a reserve supply of reclaimed 90-year-old Douglas Fir. Douglas Fir flooring exudes warmth and individuality from the textures and grain of the wood, to bring life into a room.

This exquisite engineered flooring can be contrasted against chic ultra modern furnishings or used to complement period features to great effect.

At Aspen & Ash, we are committed to recycling and preserving historic, heritage-rich woodland for future generations to enjoy, cherish and admire. We know where our wood comes from and we want you to share its journey with us. You can be assured that all your flooring from when it is felled, cut, kiln dried, finished, to when it is sent out, is all done in house.

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